Cross-border shipping does not have to be a hassle! Zenda Ship is a one-stop shipping dashboard that will simplify and solve all of your European shipping needs.

What is Zenda Ship?

Zenda Ship allows you to manage your orders, create and print shipping labels, and track your shipments, all from one convenient location.

Take your shipping to the next level with this easy to use dashboard that will help you manage all things shipping when you send your products from the USA to Europe.

What can I do with Zenda Ship?

Zenda Ship is the ultimate shipping solution for your ecommerce business. With the Zenda Ship dashboard, you can:

Create shipping labels

Worried about EU customs clearance? Zenda Ship helps you create all the shipping labels and customs documents you need and print them using your existing printers.

Manage your orders

With Zenda Ship, you can easily keep track of the orders that are ready to ship with Zenda. Because Zenda Ship is synced to your store, your order status will automatically update as you pack and ship your orders.

Track packages

Your customers need to trust that your company will be able to deliver their products, especially when they make international purchases. Zenda Ship generates tracking numbers and updates for you to send to your customers.

Maximize DDP shipping

Use Zenda Ship in conjunction with Zenda Checkout to get the full power of Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping. Protect your customers from unexpected fees and prevent customs delays by collecting all taxes and duties at checkout. Give your customers the peace of mind they deserve when they shop internationally with DDP shipping.

Who is Zenda Ship for?

Zenda Ship is for any business that ships products from the USA to Europe. If you are currently shipping your products internationally or you want to tap into this lucrative market, Zenda Ship is perfect for you. Zenda allows you to ship your products to 25 different destinations in Europe.

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, a small start-up or an established global enterprise, you can use Zenda Ship to fulfill anywhere from tens to hundreds of orders each week.

How do I use Zenda Ship?

Zenda Ship is easy to use! Zenda Ship can sync to your current ecommerce store without any technical development. Once you have your log-in, you can connect your store in a few simple steps and start shipping.

The Zenda Ship dashboard allows you to:


  • Connect your store in a few easy steps
  • View the orders that are ready to be shipped by Zenda


  • Get shipping labels and customs documents for your parcels
  • Get manifest labels when you close out a shipment


  • Zenda automatically schedules a pickup from your warehouse
  • Your customer gets their package in 4 to 8 days


  • All tracking numbers will be automatically added to your order in your store

Watch the Zenda Ship video demo

Which ecommerce platforms are supported?

You can connect Zenda Ship to these ecommerce platforms:

Magento 2 logoMagento logoBigCommerce logoShopify logoWoocommerce logo

I'm not on one of those platforms – can I still ship with Zenda?

If you're not on one of our supported platforms, you can still get all of Zenda Ship's functionality by integrating our API into your fulfilment and warehouse management systems. Find out more here.

How do I get started?

For a step-by-step guide on how to use Zenda Ship, click here. You can also contact us below to get a live demo.

The onboarding process is pretty straightforward:

  • Complete the onboarding documents, which include a TSA Known Shipper form and a Zenda Terms of Carriage agreement
  • Map your item catalogue to commodity codes. This ensures a smooth customs clearance process and provides your customers with accurate taxes and duties at checkout
  • We’ll walk you step by step through the shipping process via online training, including how to provide tracking numbers to your customers

Our products


  • For larger businesses and those with access to IT resources
  • A set of Open APIs for calculating shipping rates and taxes and duties, label printing and tracking
  • Integrate Zenda as you wish into your in-house systems


  • For small and medium businesses who want a full ecommerce experience
  • Show a Zenda shipping cost and real-time taxes and duties, right in the checkout page
  • Simply download a plugin, available in the leading ecommerce platforms


  • Allows any business to fulfil and ship parcels with Zenda
  • Connect your store to sync your orders and retrieve tracking numbers
  • Use our web dashboard alongside your current warehouse process

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