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What is Zenda Lite?

Zenda Lite is the simplest way to start shipping with Zenda! It gives you fast access to cross-border shipping, with all taxes and duties paid upfront.

With no technical integration required, you just need to log in to the Zenda web dashboard, upload a file with your order information, and retrieve all shipping labels in one go.

Who is Zenda Lite for?

Any merchant who wants to test Zenda without technical integration can use Zenda Lite. All you need is Microsoft Excel and a web browser.

Zenda Lite is perfect for B2B merchants who can invoice their customers, and B2C merchants shipping certain tax and duty free items.

Zenda Lite screenshot retrieving shipping labels from a CSV file

What can I do with Zenda Lite?

  • Create all the shipping labels you need to ship parcels from the US to UK and Europe
  • Track your parcels all the way from your warehouse to your customer’s door

What does the shipping process look like?

The entire process can take as little as 5 minutes once you get set up.

  • First, export your orders from your ecommerce platform. The export can be in a .txt or .csv format
  • Load the export into the Zenda spreadsheet, and quickly map your orders to our shipping template
  • Save it in a CSV format, then upload the file to the Zenda web portal
  • Finally, retrieve and print your labels and shipping documents and locate your tracking numbers

How do I get started?

Fill out the Contact Us form below, or send us an email.

The onboarding process is pretty straightforward and allows you to start shipping in a matter of days:

  • Complete the onboarding documents, which include a TSA Known Shipper form and a Zenda Terms of Carriage agreement
  • Map your item catalogue to HMRC standards. This makes sure your items have a smooth customs clearance process and get accurate taxes and duties.
  • We’ll walk you step-by-step through the shipping process via online training, including how to provide tracking numbers to your customers

Our products


  • For small businesses and a great way to start using Zenda
  • Upload a CSV and download all shipping labels in one go
  • No integration required
  • Simple and effective – ideal for small scale international shipping


  • For larger businesses and those with access to IT resources
  • A set of Open APIs for landed costs quoting, label printing and tracking
  • Integrate Zenda as you wish into your in-house systems


  • For small and medium businesses who want a full ecommerce experience
  • Collect taxes and duties in all the leading shopping carts
  • Use Zenda's label printing dashboard alongside your current warehouse processes

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