What is Zenda Checkout?

Zenda Checkout gives you a fully landed cost right in your checkout page, so you can collect taxes and duties from your customers upfront. This gives your customers a more transparent buying experience and a hassle-free delivery. Download the Zenda Checkout plugin for your store to get started.

Who is Zenda Checkout for?

Zenda Checkout is for any business that is either currently shipping or wants to start shipping from USA to Europe, and would like to offer the best ecommerce experience to their customer.

With Zenda Checkout, you can display a fully landed cost right in your checkout page, including all import taxes and duties. This means your customer will be able to pay all taxes and duties in advance, with no surprise extra fees or delays at delivery.

What can I do with Zenda Checkout?

  • Show your customer a total landed cost in the checkout (product price + shipping cost + any required taxes and duties)
  • Show a real-time calculation of all taxes and duties based on your items' commodity codes
  • Allow your customer to pay for all taxes and duties upfront, and avoid surprise extra fees on delivery
  • Display either a real-time Zenda shipping cost, or a flat shipping fee

Screenshot of Zenda Checkout in Magento 2

What platforms is Zenda Checkout available for?

Zenda Checkout is available now as a plugin for Magento 2 and Magento 1. We will be releasing plugins for BigCommerce, Shopify and Woocommerce very soon. Contact us for our release dates.

For instructions on how to download and set up your plugin, check out our Guides page.

Watch the Zenda Checkout video demo

After my customer checks out, how can I fulfil my orders with Zenda?

You can fulfil your orders with our web dashboard, Zenda Ship, which is fully connected to your store. Take a look at the Zenda Ship page for more details and a video demo.

If you're a Magento user, Zenda is also fully integrated into Magento Shipping. Go to Magento Shipping to sign up, and simply add Zenda as one of the carriers in your dashboard.

How do I get started?

Fill out the Contact Us form below, or send us an email.

The onboarding process is pretty straightforward and can be completed in as little as one to two weeks:

  • We’ll walk you through the setup for your checkout and how to sync your store with our shipping dashboard, Zenda Ship
  • Complete the onboarding documents, which include a TSA Known Shipper form and a Zenda Terms of Carriage agreement
  • Map your item catalogue to commodity codes. This makes sure your items have a smooth customs clearance process and get accurate taxes and duties.

Our products


  • For larger businesses and those with access to IT resources
  • A set of Open APIs for calculating shipping rates and taxes and duties, label printing and tracking
  • Integrate Zenda as you wish into your in-house systems


  • For small and medium businesses who want a full ecommerce experience
  • Show a Zenda shipping cost and real-time taxes and duties, right in the checkout page
  • Simply download a plugin, available in the leading ecommerce platforms


  • Allows any business to fulfil and ship parcels with Zenda
  • Connect your store to sync your orders, get shipping labels and retrieve tracking numbers
  • Use our web dashboard alongside your current warehouse process

Contact us

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