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Zenda offers ShipperHQ customers a new international shipping option

Zenda has partnered with ShipperHQ, a leading shipping solution for checkouts worldwide, to bring an exciting cross-border shipping solution to ShipperHQ customers.

This partnership will initially focus on US merchants with customers in the UK and Europe.

What is the partnership between Zenda and ShipperHQ all about?

Zenda offers ShipperHQ customers a new Delivered Duty Paid shipping solution to Europe. This means that shoppers will now see real-time taxes and duties calculated in their shopping cart when they check out.

By paying taxes and duties upfront, customers can expect streamlined and fully trackable shipments, without the surprise fees and delivery headaches typical of most international orders.

What are the benefits of a merchant adding Zenda as a carrier in ShipperHQ?

For your customers

  • With full visibility of duties and taxes, your customers will know exactly how much they’ll be paying for their order without having to worry about customs delays or surprise fees
  • Zenda is a great option for customers who don’t need overnight delivery, and are looking to save money without sacrificing service

For merchants

  • Expand your shipping options with rates that are up to 50% less expensive than typical Express rates
  • Automate the creation of import documents, and clear customs without delays
  • Leverage powerful new tools to combat cart abandonment, which averages at 70% worldwide
  • Zenda does not require a term commitment, does not charge monthly subscription fees, and does not tack on extra assessorial fees, like fuel surcharges, residential delivery or proof of delivery

Screenshot of Zenda in ShipperHQ checkout for Magento 2

Sounds good! What else does this partnership offer to ShipperHQ customers?

Zenda’s shipping costs are 30 to 50% less than Express shipments, with pickup from the US to 25 countries in Europe. Zenda picks up your parcels, takes them to the airport, flies them overnight to Europe on a British Airways aircraft, clears them through customs, and gets them delivered to your customer – all in 4 to 8 days!

What integration and setup do I have to do?

ShipperHQ customers only need to add Zenda as a carrier in ShipperHQ. You’ll then complete the Zenda onboarding process, which includes mapping your SKUs to European standards. Once started, customers can begin shipping in as little as two weeks.

Watch a demo of Zenda in the ShipperHQ checkout

After my customer checks out, how can I fulfil my orders with Zenda?

You can fulfil your orders with our web dashboard, Zenda Ship, which is fully connected to your store. Take a look at the Zenda Ship page for more details and a video demo.

Which ecommerce platforms are supported?

You can add Zenda to your ShipperHQ Marketplace in these platforms.

Magento 2 logoMagento logoBigCommerce logoShopify logoWoocommerce logo

On Magento 1 and Magento 2, the tax and duty amount is shown in a separate line. On BigCommerce, Shopify and Woocommerce, the amount is shown as part of the shipping method name.

Screenshot of Zenda in ShipperHQ for Shopify Screenshot of Zenda in ShipperHQ for Bigcommerce Screenshot of Zenda in ShipperHQ for Magento

Are there any additional fees?

Zenda only charges shipping fees and very minor item mapping fees. For the rest of 2019, we will waive all item mapping fees on the first 10,000 SKUs for ShipperHQ customers. There are no time commitments or monthly service fees. And with Zenda, there are no fuel surcharges, residential delivery fees, or proof-of-delivery fees.

How do I learn more?

Contact us below, or talk to your ShipperHQ sales rep, who can set up an introductory call, a product demo, and a pricing schedule. You can also learn more by visiting ShipperHQ or reading the ShipperHQ blog post on Zenda.

Our products


  • For larger businesses and those with access to IT resources
  • A set of Open APIs for calculating shipping rates and taxes and duties, label printing and tracking
  • Integrate Zenda as you wish into your in-house systems


  • For small and medium businesses who want a full ecommerce experience
  • Show a Zenda shipping cost and real-time taxes and duties, right in the checkout page
  • Simply download a plugin, available in the leading ecommerce platforms


  • Allows any business to fulfil and ship parcels with Zenda
  • Connect your ecommerce store to sync your orders, get shipping labels and retrieve tracking numbers
  • Use our web dashboard alongside your current warehouse process

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