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How does Zenda deliver my parcels?

When you close out a shipment, Zenda automatically schedules a door-to-door delivery:


Our delivery partner picks up your shipment from your warehouse and takes it to the nearest British Airways airport


Your shipment flies to Europe overnight and clears customs automatically

Hand with gift

And finally, our parcel delivery partner delivers it to your customer’s door

What are the advantages of Zenda?

Zenda fills the gap between Express and Postal shipping. By offering your customers more choice with Zenda as a shipping option, they will benefit in the following ways:

  • 4 to 8 day delivery from the US to the UK and 25 European countries
  • Delivered Duty Paid shipping with prepaid taxes and duties, so there are no surprise fees for your customers at delivery or delays with customs
  • Rates that are 30 to 50% cheaper than Express. Zenda also has no extra fees for fuel surcharges, residential deliveries, or delivery signatures
  • Door-to-door tracking of every parcel for you and your customer

What is the onboarding process with Zenda?

Our onboarding process is designed to get you shipping as soon as possible. There are six simple steps which can be completed in as little as one to two weeks:

Get your Zenda rates

Contact your account manager and provide us with information about your warehouse location, products, and shipping needs. We will use this information to send you a personalized rate card.

Sign the contract

When you are pleased with your personalized rates, we’ll send you our service contract and all the necessary onboarding documents. Just fill out a credit application, a warehouse details form, and a TSA Known Shipper application.

Map your SKU catalogue

Zenda is a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service, which means all required taxes and duties are paid upfront. In order to prevent product delays and provide accurate landed costs, Zenda will map all of your products to commodity codes. Send us your item catalog with product descriptions, materials, and HS Codes, and we’ll handle it from there!

Log in

After you are set up in our system, we will send you two sets of credentials: an Admin login and a Ship login. Your Admin login can be used for Zenda Checkout or Shipper HQ, and it also grants you access to your invoices, and other features on our web dashboard.

Add Zenda to your checkout

Once you have your login information, you are ready to download the Zenda Checkout plugin. Or, if you're a ShipperHQ customer, you're ready to add Zenda as a carrier in the ShipperHQ Marketplace.

Start shipping!

Connect Zenda Ship to your store and start fulfilling your orders! For help connecting your store with Zenda Ship, check out our Guide.

Does Zenda ensure my parcels against loss and/or damage? What is the insurance policy?

Zenda automatically provides loss and damage protection on all of your individual parcels, covering up to $100 in declared value per parcel.

If you have a parcel with a higher declared value, we offer optional additional coverage for parcels up to $2,000 in declared value, priced at $1.00 for each additional $100 in coverage.

What are the weight and dimension limits?

Parcel limits

The maximum weight of each parcel you can ship with Zenda for any destination is 66 lbs.

The maximum dimensions of each parcel vary by country; have a look at the table below for the full list.

Country Max length (in) Max volume (in3) Max girth (in) How is girth calculated?
Austria 39 20,631 141 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Belgium 47 - 59 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Bulgaria 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Croatia 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Cyprus 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Czech Rep 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Estonia 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
France 47 - 59 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Germany 94 - 94 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Greece 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Hungary 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Ireland 47 - 118 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Italy 47 - 47×47×27 L×W×H
Latvia 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Lithuania 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Luxembourg 47 - 59 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Malta 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Netherlands 39 - 133 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Poland 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Portugal 47 - 59 L+W+H
Romania 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Slovakia 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Slovenia 47 33,511 47×31×23 L×W×H
Spain 47 - 59 L+W+H
UK 59 - 118 L+(2×H)+(2×W)
Piece limits

The minimum weight of each piece (the outer bag or container where you place your parcels at close out) you can ship with Zenda is 2.3 lbs.

What is Zenda's DIM factor?

Zenda's Dimensional Weight or DIM factor is 166. Our pricing is based on the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight of each parcel.

Are there any limits to the value of the items I can send with Zenda?

There is no limit to the value of the items you can ship with Zenda. However, for high value items, you may need to do a separate Electronic Export Information filing to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

What is Electronic Export Information?

Electronic Export Information (EEI) is an additional filing that is usually required by the US CBP for US exports that contain a single commodity value exceeding USD$2,500.

All EEI is provided to the US Census Bureau, and is used for export compliance and governmental reporting.

Do I need to file an EEI?

Understanding if you even need to worry about this is key, so in this section we’ll show you how to know if an EEI is required.

The important thing to remember is that this rule applies to single Schedule B numbers. A Schedule B number, also known as an export code, is a 10-digit code issued by the US Census Bureau to classify exported products in the US. You can look up your products' Schedule B numbers with the Census Bureau's free online tool, called the Schedule B Search Engine.

Here are some example exports to explain how this works. Important: One export = one order to a single customer (consignee).

Example 1
Item Schedule B number Value
Gold watch 9113200000 $2,000
Cotton shirt 6105100000 $1,000
Leather jacket 4203100010 $500
Total   $3,500

In this example, an EEI or any kind of export declaration would not be required. Why? Because the value of each Schedule B number does not exceed $2,500.

Example 2
Item Schedule B number Value
Platinum watch 9113200000 $2,000
Gold watch 9113200000 $1,000
Silver watch 9113200000 $500
Total   $3,500

In this example, an EEI is required, because there are three items of the same Schedule B number that exceed $2,500.

What do I do if an EEI is required for my export?

There are two options available to you to complete an EEI:

  1. The most simple option is for you to self-file for free using the CBP Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) portal. The US CBP website has step-by-step guides that cover all of the steps you’ll need to carry out.
  2. Click here for a guide on how to sign up for an ACE portal account and here to learn how to post an EEI declaration.

  3. Your other option is to use a registered freight forwarder to make declarations on your behalf. This is provided you give them Power of Attorney and is a contract arrangement you have made with them separately.

Zenda is working to be able to provide this 3rd party service on your behalf, so check back on this section soon for an update!

How will Zenda increase my conversion rates with overseas customers?

Zenda addresses the top 4 reasons why customers will abandon a shopping cart when shipping from an international website.

Top shipping concerns Zenda's solution
International shipping costs are too high Our prices are at or near postal prices
Unknown customs duties and taxes Every package is Delivered Duty Paid
Delivery time is not fast enough 4 to 8 day delivery to 25 European countries
Concern that the item may not be received Door-to-door tracking

Can I see a demo?

You bet. Our team will take you through our solution and recommend the best solution for you to get shipping as soon as possible. Just drop us a line using the contact form below!

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