International shipping for eCommerce

Zenda makes shipping simpler and far less expensive

When shipping packages internationally, eRetailers have to choose between a fast delivery that costs a fortune, or a less expensive shipment that takes weeks to arrive.

Zenda now offers the best of both worlds – fast shipping and great prices – with the added bonuses of door-to-door tracking and pre-paid duties and taxes.

Powered by British Airways, Zenda delivers your packages to Europe in 4 to 8 days.

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Why logo?

Icon of an airplane departing

Flying internationally, every day of the year

Zenda is a sister company of British Airways. We fly daily out of 20 US airports, and arrive in Europe the very next morning.

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Built for merchants of all sizes

The Zenda API can be integrated into your existing shopping cart and platforms. You can also book your shipments via our web interface or with a CSV upload.

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Pre-paid duties and taxes

Our tax and duty calculator gives you a real-time landed cost, right in your shopping cart. Our customs declaration engine will also save you time filling out customs paperwork.

Icon of an Zenda package being tracked and located

Door-to-door tracking

Zenda offers up to 60 tracking updates as your packages move from your warehouse to your customer’s front door.

Shipping now

40+ flights a day from the US to 24 European countries

Image of a Zenda package going from the USA to the European Union

Zenda reaches 500 million of the world’s most active eCommerce shoppers

Your shipping activity in one dashboard

A screenshot of Zenda's dashboard for all your package shipping activity and booking new shipments

Manage all of your Zenda shipments in a few screens, and give your customers self-service access to track their own packages.

Coming soon

Shopping cart integrations

Zenda will soon connect directly with the most popular shopping carts, allowing you to integrate to Zenda in a few steps.

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